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Our Small Flock

In the beginning there were 6 ewes and 1 ram all purchased from Judy and Murray, our flock has grown over several years with the introduction of 2 more rams from Hillgrove Stud at present we run three different family's.
They have adapted well to our climate with a slight change in the lambing time.
We have learnt a great deal with more to learn, help from local friends who also breed stud sheep. 
We have adopted philosophy with our flock not to introduce other breeds to change or build our numbers, we need to stay true to the breed.
We are members of Olde English Babydolls Southdown Sheep Association Australia.
Australian Stud Sheep Breeders Association


Rams penned

compliation 056.jpg

Sheep grazing

paul 2015april 006.jpg

Lambing season

paul 2015april 005.jpg

feeding time for the twins

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